Have We Got Random Miscellanea? Yes, We Do!

I'm not gonna lie, I've become a wee bit picture-happy as of late. I have a thought, I take a picture. Then sometimes when the chit'lins are napping, I get a little wacky with the photo editing. Wanna see? (if the answer is no, you scrooge, just pretend you do)

This is what happens when I make homemade jam. (the single whole time I've done it) Jam slathered slices of toast become the official end to every meal... and then you run out of jam. No worries, though! This was just jar one of five. And even this one was the "tester jar" which was only half filled. I was thrilled to pluck a full jar out of the freezer. Mmmmm.... JAM. 

We had an "incident" this morning. The kids and I were having a jolly good tea party. Little Man swiped Squirt's plastic cup, and as she tugged to get her tea back, Little Man bit her... hard. This picture doesn't even do the injury justice. Little Man had his first time out in the crib. There was lots of wailing... from everyone. 

I feel really bad for these puppas. Especially that little one... the one sitting on the bigger one... Her ear-to-body ratio is completely off. She can probably hear a cricket's thoughts. It must be a very tough, loud life for her. Especially because when the baby isn't screaming, he is... screaming. 

And last but certainly not least!

My little brother's name was on The Colbert Report last night. I spotted it first. I am psyched. It's really the little, absolutely pointless things that make life worth living. Good work, lil' brother!

Have a lovely weekend. I will be... not having a lovely weekend. As I type this, I am staring down this weekend's to-do list:

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Yeah. 

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