Fun-Mommy Fail

Oh the doldrums of summer. Keeping all the shades drawn tight, living faces pressed to the air vents. 'Tis boring sitting in the (air conditioned) inside. For a four year old, anyway. I have a plush chair perched directly below a vent- I could die in that chair... watching Covert Affairs.

In an effort to be that "fun Mom," the one who plans "activities" and "crafts" and "outings." Why make the bar so high, fun moms?! I decided I would do something exciting, solely benefitting the kids, (the luster of our Target runs has diminished and they now cry "NO! Not red store again!") and maybe perchance educational?

I took them to a for real Chocolate Factory. I hyped it up like nobody's business. Because really, CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Could it get any more magical for a preschooler's little mind? I think in their little heads, they were envisioning actually making (and in turn eating) the chocolate.

Reality was much, much less exciting for them. (and even me) A full half hour drive, a drive in which Little Man was thoroughly opposed to the carseat... and every toy I had stocked in the car... We were met with a 2 minute "tour" of the place where chocolate is assumably made.

Are we having fun yet?

First of all, the decorative border along the bottom of the glass? Means the kids could see all of... NOTHING. And secondly, there was not a whole lot to see anyway, besides all the empty tables. There was a small section where the chocolates (they were making Dove squares) were coming off of the conveyor belt.. and then you couldn't see what else was happening. It was so interesting. Did I mention all the magic lasted no more than 2 minutes? Did I already mention that part? Because by the time we got to the "end" where an employee greeted us and offered the kiddos some chocolate, I was all like where is the rest? Where is the cool stuff to show my kids how chocolate is made! And there was nothing else... but the gift shop. With overpriced chocolate. 

There were also signs about the botanical garden. (I was skeptical, as we are in the desert) Surprisingly, this was the kids' favorite part. Plants. Looking at plants was their favorite part. 

Ok, fine... there was a LIZARD. 

There were three lizards. And that was exciting

There's a lizard in there. Somewhere. I swear. 

After the lizard excitement, the girls declared themselves "sweaty" and we hiked back to the car, for the thirty minute drive back.


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  1. I remember going to Ethel M's about 12 years ago when our family had only lived in Vegas for a while and it was actually a real tour with real chocolate being made! George and I went shortly after Charlotte was born and were just as unimpressed as you. Sorry! Way to go for at least ATTEMPTING a fun day! lol :)