So long, soda

I've had a long and checkered past with soda. I weak knees simply at the thought of Fresca and Diet Coke. However things have reached critical mass with the soda. I am both fat (super fat!) and having trouble sleeping. I blame soda for this. A couple (even fatter) years ago, I ditched the fizz and lost a whopping ten pounds, just from getting rid of the soda. Why would I start drinking it again, you ask? I am a weak mind. There I said it.

So when Crystal Light invited me to try the Flavor over Fizz Challenge, I decided to give it another go.
The writing was written on the wall for soda and me. I had recently decided that all the caffeinated Diet Coke sipping was the culprit for my tossing and turning act at night time, and sheesh! Soda is NOT portable. Need we mention how many times I have flooded my car mats with beverages? Enough to have invested in my own Green Clean Machine.

Instead of lugging gigantic flats of bottled water, and wasting valuable fridge real estate with hundreds of bottles, I invested in a few... more "green" options- a washable little massively large beverage container. A pittance at Target- and oh so handy to sip on while catching up with my blogs.

My favorite flavor is from the Skin Essentials line. If I am going to be drinking anyway- may as well be beautifying my skin, right? I have a 32 oz. bottle, so I have to put two packets into one container. (See, Mom? I'm staying hydrated!) Sometimes I mix it up and put one pom lemonade and one regular lemonade for a lighter flavor. Sometimes I add peach. I'm just a rebel like that.

It is essential to have proper fluids when running errands in 100+ heat. I make my little ones bring a sippie. (which they of course leave in almost every store we visit... if you've found a random pink sippie cup in your towel display, that was most likely us) I would be one bad parental example if I wasn't carrying a sippie of my own

The "C-Light" also makes marvelous use of my brand spankin' new idea from my friend, Emily. MASON JARS, biznaches! Mason Jars? I love them.  They look so cool, so cottage-esque, so cheap that if when I drop and shatter one, I do not cry. I just zip off to the hardware store (the most unlikely, but closest in vicinity to my house) and pick up another box. I hear they also make excellent Jargaritas. Oh, and go make these masoncakes

So let's say I can't exactly "commit" to a full 32 oz. beverage. Mason Jar to the rescue! I just pour in some water, a bit above the handy 16 oz. label and toss in one Crystal Light packet. Stir heartily with a fork, and hot darn! You look so chic sipping a cooling, refreshing lemonade from a freaking jar. You're so cool. 

-- obviously this post is sponsored by Crystal Light (ooooh! I may just be an actual writer!) The views expressed are completely my own, however--

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  1. I tried thier pom lemonade flavor at disney world and LOVED it!!! SO GOOD!!!