Things I shouldn't be doing

1. Taking pictures while driving. (in my defense, that light turned green way too fast)

And besides, I simply had to have this picture. It may look mundane and normal for you non-desert dwellers, but fog and snow on the mountains nearby is very odd. And required documentation. There was a better picture to be had, but I got my common sense back by then. You'll just have to imagine.

2. Drinking this much Fresca. (but really, what do you expect from an addict?)

Were you aware that The Cheesecake Factory is one of the only places you can get Fresca on tap? Well, they are! And it has increased my CF visits by 90%. (it's hard to justify that much cheesecake. It's easier if you go for the diet beverage)


  1. I can totaly relate! That was my beverage of choice with baby number 2 and went to CF way more. I was so shocked and happy when I found that out! Enjoy.

  2. Have you ever tried Fresca mixed with orange juice? I love it. mmmmmm so good!