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After letting them have "just Cheetos and milk" for lunch, (as requested) I ran out of ways to please my little dictators. It was a difficult adjustment coming home from a super awesome vacation. I'm fairly certain the girls just thought that was our new life. We're going to live in this posh hotel forever! We can go on the Dumbo Ride whenever we please! Mommy isn't going to make our meals any more- eat out every night! Wa-hoo!

It was a crushing reality to come back to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I think after just over a week of returning back to the hum drum of normalcy, they're finally starting to get back in the groove. (only countless hissy fits later!) Yesterday was  the first normal day for us. One where none of the children completely lost their composure, and were thusly rewarded with a special bag of Cheetos. (thank you, Grandma for introducing us to the power of Cheetos)

After naps I was feeling a little... sluggish. Even I was bored of being at our house. Luckily, my parents have a pool.

It was a great success.

Now what to do to entertain the troops today?

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