I don't get mad, I get EVEN

(ok, so I may get mad and even... whatever) 

Dear Disgruntled Baby,

Dude. Really? We're hot off the heels of Bunny's Epic Meltdown over not eating at the Target food court. And now you have sprawled on the floor in a fit of rage over... nothing?! Sure, you started out the fuss about the sippie. Let's not forget- you got the sippie. I just had to fill it... with juice. FOR YOU. 

Now you've been shreiking for close to 45 minutes. In the living room. In the dining room. At my feet. 
I've had enough and decided to exact my revenge: 

Not the most flattering of shots. Crying so hard, you're going cross-eyed. And then there's the snot bubble. HA. 

Yeah, so... that sippie you are fussing about? IT'S IN YOUR HAND, MAN!

Perhaps it is time to calm the hell down, eh? 

Now there is a permanent internet record of your misbehavior. For all to see. And if you pull this crap again, I'm going to have them printed on a Tshirt, and I'll wear it to pick you up from school!!! Sohelpme, I'LL DO IT.


  1. yikes! mondays!! we were just at target- and we never eat at the food court but we had a .50 off coupon hence some cheap popcorn:) entertaining during shopping:) hope he mellows out for ya! ps we must get together SOON!

  2. So funny! Revenge is sweet. Isn't it amazing how early they start throwing hissy fits?!

  3. I just happened across your blog when I googled "Red Envelope Handprints" and started browsing through your posts for fun. This is, by far, the BEST. POST. EVER. Thumbs up - I may have to do this to my kids one of these days! ^_^