Pinterest is blowing my mind

I'm sure you've never heard how amazing Pinterest is yet. Nobody has been gushing about it on the internet, I am the first. For sure.

As annoying and eyerolling as it may be: Pinterest is freaking my freak out! My family is tired of hearing about the wonders of Pinterest. (they are enjoying the delicious recipes I am cooking up from it, however)

Really, how can this not knock your socks into the next zip code?

And if that isn't enough for you, BAM!

There is a use for those tiny BREAD CLIPS and other such easily found sundries!

Do not even get me started on the recipes. So far I think the ratio is about 70% delectable sweet treats and 30%.... other stuff. The Husband is not complaining... my jeans are, however.

Shut up, Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownies.

And on the rare abundant occasions when life gets me down, I found my very own brand of motivational poster to give me a good chuckle. Which makes life suck just a little bit less:

In an effort to remain fair and balance, I will concede and agree with the ever-hilarious Lori, on an overabundance of grey and yellow rooms. I get it, internet! GREY! and YELLOW! And sure, I don't think I would remodel something like the laundry room to bring it up to Taj-Mahal-standards. And sure, cake balls are pretty dumb. (sorry to all you cake-pop making femmes who are just trying to help us over eaters with portion control. We over eaters are ungrateful to the core)

I believe the end message to glean off this-:

Get your butt on Pinterest.

Let's all flip on the child-care-tube and sail into the world of Pinterest together. (It would make me feel better about neglecting my stay at home mothering duties)

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  1. I also thought the tension rod for hanging spray bottles was genius. Not as genius as putting oreos IN the brownies though! I could put it on a stick, but I'll just end up eating twelve of them.