Little Things

When I was growing up, my Mom had a jar filled to the brim with buttons. There were normal buttons, there were different shapes, colors, and some really crazy ones with confetti encased in the acrylic. It was downright magical as a child to pour out that many buttons onto the floor and run your fingers through the lot. I can't remember what kind of games were played with that mess of buttons. But I do remember playing with them. Using them for craft projects... and homework assignments. I think that very jar still sits in my parents house somewhere. I've noticed it once or twice.

So yesterday I went out and bought my own jar. My button jar. 

 I know. It's not much. But I had to do a lot of scrounging around the house to find these random, homeless buttons. And now I've solved the guilt I've been plagued with for years throwing away perfectly good buttons that come in little bags attached to my new clothes. It pained me to throw them away, and thrills me to know I will never be forced to toss any more perfectly wonderful buttons. They have a home now.

I've been dealing with small things lately. These little things multiply and come up behind you in a dark alley. And before you know it- you're life is full of stuff! Like the small toys that are always swimming around my purse bungling the process of checking out at each and every store. A perfectly wondrous idea from Real Simple: get a bunch of pouches, and start organizing! This specific lot comes with me everywhere- always at the ready for a twin-core-meltdown. Many more pouches of varying items are stashed all around my world now.

I also tired of playing "where the [expletive] are my [expletive] keys!" every time I was ready to dash out the door. Are they upstairs? Are they by the sink? Are they in my purse? No one knows! 

I picked up this shiny hammered bowl- the perfect size for my keys. I have yet to actually remember to put the keys in this beautiful new shiny bowl. But someday I will! And that day, I will know where my keys are! 

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  1. I LOVE having a button collection. It just amazes me how many different looks can be accomplished with a basic concept! Good luck in your quest!!!