Ill Advised

- It's not a good idea to try and write with a migraine. I had a post perculating about the tattoo issue, but my head was throbbing, and the kitchen was swirling around me. Not the best time to try and crank out a masterfully written bit of literature. I apologize. Um... nevermind, then! I can't find that post anywhere now. Man- was I really that out of it?!

- I've been super spacey lately. Lacking any motivation... mostly sluggish. I'm unsure if this is due to some sort of virus? Or perhaps the decision to go off some meds I'd been on. Either way? Feel like crap.

- I got really tired of buying Pull Ups for the girls to sleep in. So I decided we just... wouldn't buy them any more. It has been two days and only one accident between the two girls. I call that a resounding success! It's insanely liberating to know I don't have to worry about the Pull Up count in our house. Now I turn my potty training prowess onto Little Man. A diaperless future? Dare I dream?!

- During a conversation with my Momma, the topic of what I had left to pack came up. Hrm. I think I have everything packed up and ready to go? Except when I open cabinets- cabinets that were once bare? They are filled with STUFF! How did this happen? Where did all this stuff come from? So I guess I need to get packing... again?

- Little Man's eczema has made a couple reappearances. I am stumped. I suppose an allergist is in order. We did find that ironically, Little Man is highly sensitive to the one and only stain remover that really works on the stubborn stains like spaghetti sauce and results of blowout diapers- Oxi Clean Booster Packs. So I have to wash his laundry twice, once with the Oxi Clean, then the other without. If I don't do this? His skin will light on fire.

- We got an offer on the house! Oddly enough the guy who put in the offer did so without seeing the house first. Just decided he wanted it from the pictures! (granted, my pictures were spectacular) His realtor called the other day, just as I was settling into no longer showing the house, and asked if his client could come by and evaluate the condition of the property. (deep breaths!) I sure hope he liked it, cause it's looking like he just bought it!

- I have fallen off my diet and exercise routine. Like jumping off a steep cliff. Instead of cooking- which is nearly impossible anyway without dishes, utensils, and measuring cups- we are eating take out pretty much daily. And I just feel like having a giant chocolate milkshake much more often than is normal- or healthy. Dang it! Welcome back, 15 lbs. I'm sure the other 5 lbs. is on its way!

Have a lovely weekend! I intend on spending mine getting a pedicure... and other girly fun stuff.

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