Practically June

It's not June enough for the rental to be ready... (stewing) but it is June enough for the weather to be hovering around a hundred freaking degrees. How I wish I was exaggerating that.. No. Instead this week decided to throw a curve ball, and I woke up to breezy, almost chilly, mid-50's outside my window. (cue the squealing) I even broke my not! opening! any! boxes! mandate. I dug around and pulled out a couple hoodies... then whisked the littles off to the park!

It was time to squeeze every last gleeful moment out of winter.

It was one of those days when things become a little more rose-colored. When I can appreciate my kiddos for the amazing rays of light and awesomeosity they are. 

You know? If living in this infernal desert was more like this all year long, I might even enjoy living here!

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