New Jammies & Blurry Pictures

It got hot this weekend. Hot, hot. And we found ourselves completely unprepared. I had packed all of my summer clothes away in preparation to sell the house. I had, in a moment of industrial impulse, cleaned out the kids' drawers of all the too-small summer clothes. (which turned out to be ALL the summer fare) The girls were overheating in their fuzzy feetie pajamas. It warranted an afternoon at the mall, stocking up on short sleeves, bright colors, and flippy skirts.

Up until recently, the kids pajama section had been a big yawn! Either hideously loud licensed character horror, or grandma's floral print nighties. Luckily, Carter's has outdone themselves this season with the cute sleepwear!

Little brothers ARE awesome! So are doggies wearing sunglasses & headphones!

All the new fun jammies have inspired the girls to get excited about bedtime again. They clamor up to the dresser and pick out the purple whale pjs, or the mod kitty set, oh, they are just so adorable! And I am all about bedtime coming back en vogue! 

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