A Midweek Morning

7:30am- The Husband is in the bathroom getting ready for work. Making a royal ruckus, as always. I can hear the girls chattering away on the monitor. I am straight up jubilant that they slept this long... it was quite a gamble putting them to bed a half hour earlier last night... I had some shows on the DVR I had been dying to watch, I rolled the dice with reckless abandon.
I can stay in the cozy cocoon of my bed until the twins start getting loud and threaten the sleeping baby in the room across the hall.

Of course, it always comes to the girls screaming and yelling at each other. Either fighting, or just playing "Monster Attacking Helpless Sister." I open their door to find both girls sitting on their own beds, waiting for their morning to begin. How did I get so lucky with two beautiful girls? Especially ones that still think they can't get out of their room until Mommy or Daddy come get them? Neener, neener!

The girls watch Daddy "wipe" his beard off, and then come downstairs with me to start breakfast. Thankfully everyone has agreed that cereal is on the menu. I pour a bowl of "circle cereal" (Cinnamon Cheerios) for Bunny, and "square cereal" (Cinnamon Life) for Squirt. And a guilty pleasure Reese's Puffs for myself. I deserve it. It's been a long week already. I also put the kibosh on watching Team UmiZoomi this morning. I've eaten enough of my breakfasts over cartoons- time to use my supreme veto power and enjoy some HGTV with my cereal. It's a good choice.

8:00am- The Husband packs his lunch while the girls eat and he heads off to work with hugs and kisses from the girls and me. He looks each girl squarely in the eyes and reminds them to "be good for Mommy!"

I'm amazed at how serene today is starting off to be! The baby still slumbers upstairs, and with the exception of a request for tube yogurts or a handful of grapes, the girls are being pretty tame. I get to watch a couple shows of my own before I get on the computer and start with the business of checking Facebook, the email, and paying some bills online. (How did I go so long without online billpay?!)

8:30am- The baby is still asleep?! HUR-FREAKING-RAY! I start to compile my list for today's shopping excursion: (Target, baby!) new panties for the girls, (I've been throwing out too many messy accidents- it's better than scrubbing poop off tiny undies- time to replenish the herd) more Desitin, a couple sets of summer pajamas for myself (it's just too much work to haul my summer wardrobe from the storage unit; buying a couple new pairs just seems to make more sense) a second pizza cutter, (one just isn't enough when we use it for both pizza AND pancakes/waffles) lastly, I'm hoping to find some plastic cutlery and plates for the baby shower I'm throwing this weekend. If not, I'll have to venture to the other Party City store... a good drive away. Yesterday's party store had zero plastic fork packs... in any color. Somebody is having a serious forking event somewhere! I at least have bright pink spoons. Hopefully nobody will be forced to eat cake with a spoon...

9:00am- Sigh, Little Man has to get up now. Naptime is golden around here, and he needs to be plenty tired enough for a good siesta this afternoon. I throw a load of laundry on while I'm at it, and find a forgotten load of towels in the dryer. Great. More laundry to fold. Do I really do laundry every day? Yes. And oh, look! The kid's laundry basket is approaching critical mass. Mental note.

A small mess, but at least there's no fighting...

9:30am- Little Man is extremely generous in giving of his breakfast to our two floor vultures, Peaches and Scotty. This is probably why Scotty has been ralphing on the rug lately. Fantastic. Time to get everyone dressed, (including myself- going from pajamas to yoga pants and a baggy tshirt is only a slight step up in my appearance. When will Stacy and Clinton finally come to my rescue?!)

Sadly, this is a pretty fantastic day so far. I haven't had to administer any time-outs, I haven't thought about throwing in the towel and putting on a movie downstairs to retreat upstairs and pull my hair out, I think I may just be able to pull this day off!

10am- Fighting with the twins over picking up toys and getting properly dressed. (No, Squirt, those jeans are not a scarf!) Time out. Dang... so close.

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  1. I want Stacy and Clinton to come to my rescue, too! I'll nominate you, you nominate me. Deal? Maybe they'll let us both go to New York together.

    I had to pop over to thank you profusely for all the advice you've been dropping me on handling 3 youngers. The advice is muchly appreciated - and applied! Keep 'em coming!