Bless you, Infant Motrin

I have had an angry screaming child attached to my hip for a good portion of this day so far. I fed him, clothed him, played with him, and then I gave up and just jumped into the waters of misery with him. It wasn't until lunchtime that I started to suspect a culprit to all this madness. Teething? Why do I always forget about teething?! He's got two molars on one side, and none on the other. No, on the opposite side are two large, red knots. Smack me over the head with a frying pan! I should have thought of it sooner! Bring out the little plastic syringe of berry flavored baby taming juice! Thirty minutes later and my tiny terror is ever so quietly building blocks with his sister; Total turnaround.

This little dictator really is in charge of the general mood around these parts. Most of the time he is benevolent with minor squawks demanding food, a diaper change, or sleep. But then we have days like today, and I feel like I'm negotiating with a crazy mad man who doesn't speak my language... Plus he's got access to the nuclear codes.

This was one unfortunate morning to wake up with a pulsating migraine.

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