Two for One

The day has come... the day when I struggle a little too much to correctly identify my identical twin daughters. You see, now Squirt has glasses. The exact same frame, just in a different color. Why couldn't I at least switch up the frame? Because Squirt's face is even tinier than Bunny's. And this frame- the Shrek brand- are the only ones in the valley that even vaguely fit. So now I have to look extra hard and examine their features to distinguish between the two girls. There will be lengthy pauses from me when asked which is which- and that will make me look like a stellar mother.

Picture time!

I caught these two in a rather silly mood... which ended up being perfect for snapping shots of the bespectacled cuteness.

The silliness didn't stop at great photography. Out of the blue, they started vamping it up on the catwalk, yeah on the catwalk. They did their little dance on the catwalk.  (read more to see the hilarious out takes!)

Out take Time!

After each snap I'd yell "pose!" and this is what I got:

I call this one the "Vanna White-ing Squirt's Butt" 

... it's all the rage in Europe...

... Or so I've heard.

Oh my, how they make life... zesty.


  1. How adorable! And as for the catwalk, as long as the girls are not singing, "I'm too sexy for my shirt..." then more power to them! Ha! Obviously they have their mommies flare for acting. XO XO