Become One With the Poop

My kids feel it is imperative that they yell to me after having a bowel movement. First, to have me wipe their hineys, and second to tell me what shape their poop has landed in.

Their creativity never ceases to amaze me. Sometimes it's "like a snake!" or "it's a monkey tail!" or "ice cream poop!" or "it looks like a candy cane!" This evening... oh, this evening. It was "a mustache." Weird.

And ugh! They make me look at it! Every time!


  1. Wow..... That's gross. And hysterical. All at once.

  2. I'm a nursing assistant...and 80% of my job is cleaning up poop and backsides. Unfortunately, part of that job is also keeping track of bowel movements (Size? Density? Continent/Incontinent?) for charting purposes.

    The best way to deal with the grossness of it all is to do exactly what your kids have done, and start naming the shapes!