It Happened

I was royally freaking out. I was coming up with massive amounts of "preventative measures." When I told the nurse that we would be needing two nurses- she looked at me weird. I had a bag full of tricks: lollipops, fruit ninja, books, the promise of new dresses for the new dollies they got from their birthday. (Which, the birthday rocked. The girls refused to give me a good picture of any of it. They had cake, ice cream, balloons, and presents. Fun) Soooo anyway... back to the spazzing...

I talked incessantly about the "little poke," trying to both prepare and calm the twins, a sound protocol, for sure. They turned four- which is fun- but unfortunately includes vaccination shots. I was ready to give them anything. (thankfully they weren't aware of this fact, or else there would be two magical unicorns living in our loft) I was obscenely aware at how much the girls were going to know it was going to hurt- and know about icky shots- and needles.

And I was petrified of having to physically hold down their tiny frames while they were jabbed in the leg with a vicious needle. Nope. Wasn't going to be able to do it! Plus I would be doing this alone, with the baby in a stroller. If both girls freaked out to the "core meltdown" stage, I was in for a world of hurt. And up a creek sans paddle of epic proportions.

Eventually, the requested two nurses came in with trays of needles and bandaids. Both looked really skeptical of the situation. "Do you really think you can hold their hands at the same time?" Nurse 1 asked. "Um, what?" I was already backing up and bracing myself in preparation for the wailing and shrieking to start. I told her that they'd probably be ok. (cause... there was a chance, right? They wouldn't stick out their hands... I was semi-sure of that) She eyed me warily and warned "They usually try and block the shot with their hands." Oh crap. I hadn't thought about that. Nurse 2 started informing the girls not to move their hands- in a loud, yet instructional tone. And she pinned their legs down against the table. This was not looking very promising.

I fiddled around, trying to figure out a new "optimal situation." By the time I had Squirt's hands secured behind her back and was ready to try and do the same with Bunny, I noticed that Nurse 1 had already stuck Bunny.

There was no sound. I watched her stick Bunny again. I let go of Squirt's hands, and she got her needed three shots too. There was silence! Both nurses were flabbergasted. "I'll never see another kid like this the rest of the year!" One nurse commented. The other added, "much less two!"

Yep. That's right. My kids DID NOT CRY. They casually walked out of there happily licking purple lollipops as if nothing at all had just transpired. As we exited the office, I wanted to do a proper farewell exit lap, high five-ing the nurses, bowing to the cheering crowds, hoisting the twins up in jubilation. (all done in slow-motion of course... for effect)

Directly after leaving the doctor, the girls picked out new doll dresses, (and I secretly bought some new play sets as an extra bonus surprise) then we had a leisurely lunch of chicken nuggets and milk with "crazy straws."

Pretty much the perfect day.

For this finite moment I feel like there may be a chance I am not completely messing these kids up! I might even be doing something right-ish around here! (or I was just blessed with superbly awesome offspring, and am just taking some serious unearned credit)


  1. YAY! Sounds like this year is already off to a great start for you guys!! I hate shots so much. Charlotte is at the age now that she remembers what happens at the Dr's. Not fun. I cried with her last shots.... probably because of my overly hormonal state. Way to go girls!! They totally deserved those dresses!