Four years ago today was just another Tuesday morning for me. At that point I had twice weekly monitoring appointments, and this particular appointment included a bonus little treat: sticking a giant needle into my giant belly. (amniocentesis) I had no idea that by the evening I would be in an operating room desperately waiting to hear two separate cries.

Four years ago today I became a mother. And! Our family instantaneously doubled in size. And! I was entrusted with two delightful and amazing little girls. Since then I've had the privilege to watch them grow from tiny babies to petite, but very grown up four year olds, and it's been one fantastic ride.

My babies are four. Can you freaking believe it? (because I can't!)


  1. A wonderful happy day for you and your beautiful family!!! Time goes so FAST!!! Megan will be 15 on Wednesday!! CRAZY!!! The girls share their b-day with my Mom. She turned 70 today!!!

  2. That is really crazy!! YAY for the cute 4 year old twins! Sending Birthday wishes your way!

  3. hug and kiss those girls for me!!