Tips to Avoid a Pickpocket

While checking out at Target, desperately trying to find my wallet in a timely manner, I eventually had to resort to taking things out of the diaper bag and lining them up on the checkout counter. Tres humiliating.

But, quite serendipitously, I thought about how un-pickpocket-able I was. So here are a couple handy dandy pointers to prevent being pickpocketed:

- Buy a supremely large diaper bag
- Insure said bag has a milllion different pockets and zipper pouches.
- Place wallet in the bottom of cavernous carryall.
- Proceed to stuff the remaining space with bulky baby/kid items such as: formula containers, bottles, (clean or dirty) rattles, Magna Doodles, board books, wipes, spare diapers, bibs, (again, clean or dirty will do!) sippy cups, and don't forget the makeup pouches! Especially the wallet-sized ones with feminine stuff... or small Yo Gabba Gabba figurines. 

With all that, I dare even the most cunning of pickpockets to take a crack at my portable Fort Knox. 

There's always a silver lining to having three kids, and feeling like the pack mule who tirelessly totes the assorted sundries that accompany three small children.

... now go! And know you are safe from the vicious thievery of a dastardly pickpocket as you walk about the causeways. (most likely pushing a stroller of massive proportion) 

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  1. and i could add the next chapter. how to make sure nobody would ever even want to steal your car...