House Made of Sweets

In more Bunny-sickness-related-news, I didn't pay too much attention to her constant itching yesterday. (I may have freaked out for a second about lice- but really. We've been locked in our house all week! Where'd we pick it up from?!) Anyway, at the end of the evening, I noticed Bunny was really itching away. I took off her shirt to find her tiny body covered in hives. Big, red, sweltering hives. From head to toe- literally. Poor thing! She was so pleasant the whole day, I would have been going bonkers had it been me! So we're off to yet another waiting room to see what's going on with that. Just a long line of events that have taken our Christmas on a serious detour.

But I am going to try really hard not to complain! For fear of a scourge of flies descending on our household. (I'm hoping the madness will come to an end at the beginning of a new year! Cross those fingers for us!) I am going to delight in the little things that made our holidays great in spite of all these obstacles.

One of these things was a large holiday basket from our brand new neighbors. Included in this basket of fun was a gingerbread house kit. (What a fantastic gift idea!) The girls had a ball decorating it. It was the perfect little pick me up during a lull in all the Christmas the excitement.

The holidays just aren't quite as festive without a proper gingerbread house. I think I see a new tradition forming! 
Hope your holidays were magical! 

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