Plan B

While everyone else is probably awash in eggnog and candlelight, signing off on their blogs, wishing everyone else a happy holiday weekend, I'm stuck on my computer while Dora the Explorer plays on both televisions. (Post more, people! I'm bored to tears!)

I started thinking about Christmas. I can't just ignore it and hope everything just "works out." It's two days until Christmas morning and our residents look like this:

And this: 

Out of the two, I think The Squirt is feeling the worst. Bunny has improved a couple notches. While Squirt, who just barely started antibiotics, has a couple days of feeling icky before they really kick in. She's camped out on my bed requesting food she doesn't touch, and watching hours upon hours of Dora the Explorer and Max & Ruby.

After The Husband got home last night, we were lying in bed and I said "Soooo... we should figure something out about Christmas." There was silence. And then he countered with "Yeah." Helpful. So helpful. Little Man is still at Grandma's house. (I'm really starting to feel the hole in our family now. Four nights away from my baby! The novelty has worn off) Do we open a few presents over the nebulizer and then do the whole bike and Grandma's house Christmas next week? Will that be any fun? How have you done sick-Christmases? I've been hyping this up all month! There's a countdown! They're sick, but they're not stupid. I need a big celebration. But I don't want to infect others. Others that we happen to love and are related to.

Perhaps I will just procrastinate making any plans until tomorrow...

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  1. Oh, it just breaks my heart! No one should be sick on Christmas! When we have had sickies at Christmas before me and the husband will trade off and take a few kids to one of the grandparents while the other stays home and cuddles with the sicky and watches movies and plays games-trying to make it a little fun:) Good Luck and Happy Holidays!