How Appropriate

A state of constant drizzle has descended upon our portion of the outdoors, much to my delight. I cannot remember having this much continuous rain here, and it makes me giddy. It was quite unwelcome as I hauled all three children out of the doctor's office on Monday, on the phone with my Mommy giving her the terrible "pneumonia news" and freaking out in general, as I stepped out of the automatic sliding doors, I ended my frantic babble with "...and it's raining." To top off this horrible day- the walk out to my car will involve water streaming from the heavens.

You know what I found? Getting a few sprinkles on your person (or stroller) isn't that big of a deal. The girls jumped in the puddles the entire way to the car. Yes, jumping in puddles even when you're that sick. It's what three year olds do. Defy the logic of doctors, nurses, parents, and common sense by refusing to act sick when there are puddles to be splashed in. It's truly magical. I'm pretty sure if the whole world had the zeal for life that my girls do- there would be jubilation in every moment throughout the entirety of the planet.

While these past couple days have been draining; Taking care of two different sets of needs while juggling prescriptions, Tylenol/Motrin schedules, and nebulizer treatments that, until today, Bunny would start up a tantrum about. I was running up and down the stairs, (my calves are killing me!) the madness of daily operations over here looked something like the Road Runner zipping about the desert canyons.

However the chaos is balanced out by the full scope of the situation. I love waking up to the sound of the rain bouncing off the neighbor's metal patio cover. (I despised that cover when it was built, but at least it gives a nice tinny ting when it rains) I kind of love being holed up in our warm and cozy house, living in fleece pajamas, (you need to pick yourselves up a couple pairs of these asap- it's like wearing a cloud) snacking on scrambled eggs, cinnamon raisin toast, hot cocoa, the occasional bribe of cake, and heaps of Gatorade. 

I'm still terribly worried about how our holiday festivities are going to go. The bikes remain unassembled in our garage. Since Christmas lands on Saturday, I hope we have enough food to get us though the weekend without a grocery run. I'm wondering if the doctor is going to want me to drag Squirt into the office- I think she's got the dreaded pneumonia after all. I am worried about these things. But there is little I can do about any of them. So I am going "zen."

And while I miss my bounding bundle of Little Man ever so intensely; I have not missed the messy feedings, the rigid schedule, the diaper changes, and the barriers over things like our garbage can. He is sure having a ball at Grandma's, I hear. (I get updates from the front lines constantly) And Grandma has confirmed that there is a time and season in one's life for full-time baby rearing- and it's nothing over... her age range... which I will not share with you. (ha!) What a great Grandma she is. (and fantastic Mom to me for taking him! Crossing fingers he remains free of sickness) I have squeezed some end of the year scrapbooking in during the quieter, more mellow hours- and that makes me miss my little guy even more. Dang, those cheeks are scrumptious. 

And as promised, the infamous penguin nebulizer. He's so cute, the girls (and I) want to give him big cuddles:

Kudos to the medical supply industry for giving pneumonia a silver magnificently cute lining

Yesterday Bunny was totally opposed to the treatments. I had to wrestle her to the chair, hold her down, strap on the face mask, all the while hoping that I wouldn't spill the stuff all over the rug. It was exhausting. And frustrating. The more she yelled and screamed, the worse she felt. It was heartbreaking to watch.

This morning? She requested her penguin time as soon as I got her out of bed. There is a God, people. 
The Squirt is even requesting a penguin hook up. I have a call into the doctor about that. I heard the dreaded signature hacking and wheezing from her monitor last night. (Am I ready to climb on this roller coaster again?)

I am mentally willing everyone to be well by Friday. If it means I have to sequester the baby to Grandma's, force the girls to rest, and give into their every whim. I will do it! I am relishing in the lovely moments, and trusting that when the time arrives, our Christmas will be full of joy, cheer, and bike riding. (even if it has to be in the rain) And lacking fevers, wet coughs, and malaise of any sort. 


  1. Gavin looks so adorable :) Love it!

  2. I just realized how much flooding was going on out there...hope you guys aren't getting THAT much rain! So sorry to hear about the pneumonia. Hope everyone is feeling well enough to enjoy Christmas.