It had to be said

It's a bad idea to let a monkey live in your apartment.

And really, Man With The Yellow Hat. Don't leave him alone! 

... not with a cider press
... not in a museum with rare dinosaur bones
... not in a museum- period!
... not with Chef Pisghetti's prize winning veggie burgers
... with a set of mice and a hungry snake
...in a hot air balloon
... with a vacuum cleaner and valuable postage stamps
... with a paper route and your antique bicycle
... in an empty chocolates shop
... to pick up your yellow hat from the dry cleaners
... on a docked sailboat with a broken mast
...  or in a zoo at closing time!

I shouldn't have to be the one screaming to you through a television to keep that monkey properly supervised! Apparently Steve, Betsy, Hundley and Bill are not equipped for this job. 

Thank you.


  1. That's a popular show here too! :)

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have thought that SAME thing. Seriously...

  3. haha! or in a hospital or alone with a jigsaw puzzle...