Dear Foodies!

Seriously. You foodie friends of mine. I'm sure you had the best of intentions; swearing up and down that freshly grated cheese is simply the best thing since defeating the Russians in the space race. Waaaay better than that abhorrent bagged cheese- what with its cardboard dusting to keep the strands from sticking. Yes, that's all well and good. I have two things to add to that:

1) I honestly can't taste/tell a difference.
2) It's only great if you don't also grate the skin off your knuckles.

I am just imagining sitting down at the table and tossing out, "Hey fellow diner! How'd you like the shredded cheese? Did you taste the bits of my skin? Yes? Added that needed crunch, didn't it?"

I am still nursing my hands. Pain! So much pain! (I think my pain tolerance threshold is pretty low...) Every time I bend my fingers, (which is... all the time!) the wounds open right back up again. I am running out of bandaids and have bummed some Hello Kitty bandaids from the girls. (classy!)

I have since locked my grater away in "time out." I'm back to bagged cheese. It's so darned convenient! And there's little to no chance of bodily harm! (Win, win)


  1. I hate that! We rarely have cheese in this house unless its the bagged shredded cheese.. (mainly cause I hate cheese) but the boys love it. so ya know.. Hope your knuckles heal fast.. That's possibly one of the worst spots to have sores!

  2. Try the grater on your food processor! It's super fast and no hurt knuckles! That is if you're set on going with blocks. I, too think there is no difference and buy the HUGE bag of shredded cheese at Sam's. Handy!