Freaking YO!

Quite possibly the best night of the girls' young life:

- I knew the words to each and every song
- I had a blast singing along
- The girls only asked once to go "talk to Gabbas"
- I wasn't as annoyed with the crowds as I thought I would be
- There are weirder people out there than me. Ones who knit hats for their entire families in the likeness of each member of Yo Gabba Gabba
- I finished all my holiday shopping at the merchandise stand
- I got too enthralled with the whole experience and bought an overpriced Gabba t-shirt of my very own
- The girls liked it and didn't freak out about the Gabbas getting out of the TV
- It was the highlight of my year too!

Go Yo Gabba Gabba! 

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  1. yay!!! glad it was fun!!! and you really shoud've made hats... just sayin! haha!!