Sorry, You Chose Wrong

I'm sorry, devoted readers. I am sure you've had your suspicions here and there. But I feel like I must confirm your fears. You've saddled yourself with a whiner. A big ol' wussy pants.

I would apologize for this fact, but I can't. My life kinda sucks right now. And so... I whine on.

We are at a crossroads with the twins. They are acting like teenagers- ALREADY! I cannot tell you how much more sassing, back talking, stomping up the stairs, and the occasional "you're ruining my life!" tyraids I am getting from these little preschoolers. And my normal discipline tricks are utterly failing me. They don't care about the "pretties" in the jar anymore. I think I screwed the pooch on that one. Those jars are way too big. I don't think they'll get those suckers full until next year... at least.
I resorted to spanking. But now they just laugh it off! Seriously! I spank them? They laugh. When I threaten a time out, they take me up on it- with pleasure.

So I'm out of ideas! I feel like I should be taking their cell phones away. (maybe the ones that when you push the red button it says "rojo!") Or telling them they can't go to prom.

I did manage to figure out the dilemma of Little Man's constant screaming. Put the kid to bed an hour earlier. Sweet. Now the only problem is keeping the twins quiet for an extra hour. (Not easy if you've read the above rant)

AND! To top it all off! The Husband told me he lost his debit card at a GAS STATION. Not good news.

BUT IT GETS BETTER! He lost it YESTERDAY and didn't tell me because he was sure he could just go back to the offending gas station and FIND IT. Twenty four hours after the fact.  Spoiler alert! He didn't find it. (eyeroll)

We are super lucky our account wasn't completely drained by the time I called the bank and had the card cancelled. So The Husband is in the dog house. I'm not so much upset that he lost it, (we all make mistakes! I'll admit to that!) I'm upset that he didn't tell me or do anything about it until well after the fact! I feel like I should put him in time out.

So whine, whine. Woe is me.

I should have some medical updates by the end of the week, though!


  1. I love this post - you make me laugh. Hope things get better!

  2. Oh we need to talk! Seriously!

  3. So, wait...you're telling me that my girls may very well start acting like teenage drama queens a full nine or ten years before they actually become teenagers?? NOT FAIR AT ALL!