In Das Auto

I was in the car a lot today. And I made a list just for you- a list of the boring and ridiculous facts about my phat ride.

- I found a binkie this morning in the headphone slot of the door. It was pink. That dates it to at least late 2008. I should clean this car out more often. Or perhaps I could sell it as an "archaeological dig" to lowly University students? (great resume add, kids!)

- Whenever I throw the diaperbag onto the passenger seat next to me, the airbag light comes on to inform me that it is as heavy as a small child- one who needs the airbag disengaged. This is a tad bit disheartening.

- Marley & Me is a great movie to have on in the car for long periods of time. That soundtrack is pretty good! REM and a none-too-shabby remix of Nirvana. Decent. A far cry better from pretty much every animated soundtrack ever made. The worst I've found is Elmo and his word of the day put to piano banging. Elmo has been banned from the car's playlist.

- Whenever I pull over for gas, I tell the girls we're "feeding the car." This morning, Bunny offered our car a banana. That was a hard one to explain.

- I seriously need to take a Green Clean Machine to the floor mats. They're pretty much one big juice stain by now. But I am frightened. Utterly terrified to do this.

- I am 100% positive there are at least 10 lbs. worth of crumbs and dried up fruit snacks in there. (aren't you frightened just a little bit, too?) Once I shampoo the floor mats, I am sure I will be forced to do a deep clean on that beast. I may not come back the same. Possibly with added flashbacks from 'Nam. (and a limp?)

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