Waking the Beast

Ok, seriously. After all this fussing, screaming, and just being a total pill in general... there had better be a newly sprouted tooth in Little Man's mouth when he wakes up this morning. (it would be his first tooth!)

When The Husband called to inform me he was off work, he heard multiple children crying in the background.(one of them being a twin who was in time out. Who smiles menacingly  at their mother and says she wants a time out?! A crazy lunatic child, that's who)

He said "oh, bad day?" It was then I started yelling. At the top of my lungs.

YOU have NO IDEA what I've BEEN THOUGH today! You think YOU have a HARD JOB! You know NOTHING about BAD DAYS. NOTHING. Now you'd better SPEED home and put these CRAZIES TO BED!

I know it was a little harsh. But really, I would like to submit this piece of my day for your review: 

I dare  you to find a more crotchety, overtired, and prickly infant than this one right here. That is after a two hour screaming fit. Screaming at the store. Wailing in the car. He cried himself hoarse. This one right here. 

Like I said. I had better get a tooth out of the deal.

Now I am quite afraid of him. He's already overslept this morning, and I simply can't bring myself to wake him. Do not. poke the. bear.

Also? Teething. The worst part of babydom.


  1. Teething -- the bane of my existence as well. Poor Gavin . . . he looks so tired. Hope you all get some much needed peace, quiet, and rest. Good luck!

  2. So sad!! Creighton's been going through teething lately too and its crazy!! I don't remember 3 years ago that Cayden crying so hard! Hope it gets better :)