Talking About Stuff

It rained yesterday as the kids were waking up from their nap. We talked about this grand event for the rest of the day. About dark, billowy rainclouds. About thunder. About plants getting a much needed drink. About getting sopping wet playing in rain. And hanging our skirts out to dry at Grandma's house.

We talk about Halloween. Especially when we see "biiiig scaaary ghosts" in people's yards. About the purple and orange lights are not for Christmas, but Halloween. About how unfair it is that Halloween isn't right now. About being butterflies for Halloween. About magically having the ability to fly once butterfly costumes are donned.

We talk about Bunny's eyes, and how they go "funny" sometimes. That Bunny's eyes need glasses for help. But Squirt's do not. About people making Bunny's glasses. And those people will call when the glasses are all ready for Bunny. About how the glasses are pink. And that is exciting.

-- Have I told you that Squirt does not have the same eye problem? Well, she will not be needing glasses. I am tres nervous about this. There will be fighting. So much fighting and unfairness.

It also makes me nervous that this is a neurological problem after all. One of the eye docs said she couldn't think of any instances where one twin needed glasses and the other did not. That makes me very wary that these EEG and MRI tests will come out all clear. Dang! --

But most of all? I get a request from one twin or the other to "talk about beach?" They love to talk about the beach. The beach they went to when they were two but probably can't remember. I show them the pictures on my computer. Pictures like this:

We talk about the beach almost every day and I have no idea why. The conversation always goes like this:

Twin 1: Mama, I wanna talk about beach.

Me: Ok. Let's talk about beach.

Twin 2: Nooooo! I no wanna talk about beach! No talking!

Me: (ignoring cranky twin)

Twin 1: Beach is far far away. (They always start with this. If it's so far away, why are we talking about it?!)

Me: Yep. But maybe we'll go to beach someday.

Twin 1: Yes. We go beach someday.

... and then they talk about either sand, sandcastles, seashells, or swimming with fish. Then we're done, and twin 2 stops yelling in the background screaming "no talking!" We've talked about beach.

It's weird. Do the twins know that I am considering taking them out of state for their medical care? (Our family has found that doctors and treatment protocol where we live has been sub-par. So pretty much everyone has gone to San Diego to see the doctors down there at some time or another. I've even been there to sort out my medical issues) I'm waiting for all the tests to come back and follow up appointments seen before making the decision whether to go or stay. I am envisioning sitting on the beach watching the kids happily playing in the sand, but it would be bittersweet as we'll just be playing in between new specialists. Hopefully we'll just take the kids to the beach on a VACATION someday, right?!

Some of the more serious tests have come in for Squirt. But of course, the doctor is out on vacation, and won't be able to look at them until (at earliest) tomorrow. I'm still on pins and needles about those. This past week has been relatively calm, it's been a nice respite. When all the tests come in and we complete the MRI for Bunny, I'm sure the madness will start right back up again.


  1. sigh- a nice retreat for a minute huh? hope tests come back ok- you guys are still in our prayers and maybe a fun trip to disneyland after medical stuff is just what the doc ordered? that's rough honey- hugs to you! keep us posted!:)

  2. and if you need ANYTHING lemme know!:) love ya!

  3. still praying!! let us know if you need anything!