Sibling Similarities

This afternoon I was puttering around the house while the twins took their nap. Little Man was roaming the open range of the living room, and I glanced over to see him doing this:

 Little Man- Oct. 2010

I practically leapt over the chair in a superhero/ninja move to get to my camera. Apparently all of my children have the same fascination with and desire to inhale the decorative little bench under the stairs.

The Squirt- Feb. 2008

Ok, now I'm second guessing myself and thinking that was Bunny. Oh, fine, whatever. I'm a bad mom and can't tell my identical twins apart in old pictures. So what. I have the memory of a dog who just heard a squirrel in the trees. It's a reality we're all going to have to live with.

Either way- how DARLING is that?! I love that my kids share these silly little connections. As a mother, it makes me all mushy and blubbery.  (which is convenient because then I match my post-baby skin apron) 

In other news...

Guess who I found standing up in his crib? 

If you can't paste a fake mustache on your devil-may-care baby, then just who can you paste a fake mustache on?!

Standing up! Did you hear me?! Standing up! As in we're all lucky that massive head of his didn't tilt off the side and compel him to the floor! After picking my jaw off the carpet, I tasked myself with disassembling the crib in order to lower the mattress to less of a child launching pad and more of an infant containment device. Now my back hurts in ways I never thought possible. 

So yeah- there are differences between this daring baby and my play-it-safe-and-quiet twins. The girls would have NEVER tried such a stunt. (at least that's how I remember things) 

And Also! 

Little Man actually crawled today. For real, tummy off the floor crawling. I'm glad he can do it. I'm assuming he's just choosing not to. He'd much rather climb... and give his mother all manners of heart palpitations. 


  1. Cute, cute pictures! I find that I already can't tell who is who in old pictures either. I figure I will just make it up when they eventually ask.

    HOW in the heck do you manage to do things like taking a crib apart while all your kids are home???

  2. It wasn't pretty, but it involved putting the baby in a pack n play in my room and instructing the girls to stay on the bed and only WATCH me take the crib apart. To their credit, they stayed on the bed 70% of the time. When they grow up a bit more, they do better around that stuff. No swallowed or missing screws, no bonks on the head, we all came out unscathed. :)