Rain! Rain! Umbrellas!

I thought it went without saying that splashing in the muddy puddles was a big no-no? Especially in flip flops? It seems the girls did not get this memo.

But who can fret about such things now?! It's cool and deliciously drizzly outside! So what if everyone's pajamas get soaked and muddy? It's not going to bother me one whit! Laundry is something that can be worried about another day. A less exciting and rainy day! As soon as the rain gloriously descended from the clouds, an umbrella was promptly requested.

Joyous giggles and laughter rang out from the back porch: 

Every time I watch the kids gleefully playing in the rain... or just outside in general... I wonder how I can stand to live in a place that is too hot to play outside 8 mos. out of the year. When rain is such a commodity the girls  think it only happens on TV! I don't belong here in this dry, arid, soul crushing desert! My spirit aches for the rain! It aches for seasons! For fall! For spring! For wearing soft sweaters! I pine for these things. 

And I don't think I'm alone.

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