The Talent

I simply cannot bring myself to start this post off with "today at the mall" as a) it's the first time I've been to a bona fide "mall" in a while- it's a whole 20 minutes from my house! (gasp!) and b) it makes me feel like I'm 15 again and everything in my life happens to the backdrop of a food court.

But I had a $50 coupon to The Gap that I couldn't use online- where I normally do all of my shopping. (Lame!)

So I was at the mall. Waiting in line to procure chicken nuggets for the savages. A lady strolled up and remarked on how cute and adorable the twins were. Since this had already happened on several occasions in the past hour, (thus is the life with twins) I was barely paying attention while saying "thank you" at the same time. (They were exceptionally cute in their tule skirts- I must say)

Then this admiring stranger deviated off the course of normal topics. (ie: are they twins? Are they identical twins? How do you tell them apart? How do you do it? etc.) She asked if I had ever thought about getting them into modeling. I kind of laughed. (like I have the time, lady! Between errands, doctor's appointments, and playdates... I don't think I could fit a "photoshoot" in there with any degree of sanity)

But people! She was serious! She introduced herself. Gave me her card. And told me they had twin boys, but not twin girls, and would really be interested in my girls. At this point, I was a bit confused, trying really hard not to become a "show mom" who pushes her kids into "the business" and right into rehab with Lindsay Lohan, yet still kind of giddy that someone thought my progeny should grace the pages of a JC Penny catalog.

When I reached a table, struggling with two happy meals, a stroller, and this chick's business card, I got a chance to catch my breath and really think about it.  I dunno. I don't want to hold them back or anything. But being spotted by a "talent scout" in a "mall" was all too... fishy. Like scammy. Like you want how much for headshots and a talent fee? I've never really dealt with these people. But I've seen enough sitcoms to know this is usually a scam, right? (Don't make me Google it! 'Cause I will!)

So I'm undecided.

Which seems to be a constant state in which I am. I bought a domain for the blog. To be, like a real site and everything. But I'm so scared! Real web design is freaking me out! And I'm paying for it! So it seems like I should have everything... more together! But it was a total spur of the moment decision! And the picture in my head of what this will all turn out like is super cool awesome! So I'm dragging my feet along with that one too. (as you may have noticed) And since I don't know what is going to happen- if you go to the normal blogspot address and it's... gone or something? Try THE BRAND NEW ADDRESS: (drumroll, please!)

ba ba da bum!!!! 
Let's all hope this transition goes nice and smoothly. Because I'm jumpy. And the internet's inner workings makes me all shifty-eyed and badgery. 

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