Ding Dong!

... hello beautiful!
Don't you just love it when you open the door to large boxes?

Naturally, the dogs are freaking out about the new pen. (aka: the world turning itself upside down) Peaches is scared of the bottom tray- it makes a scratchy noise when she puts a paw on it. So clearly, the tray is trying to kill her, and cannot be trusted. She will sit at the edge of the rug, in front of the open pen door, and whine that she wants a drink or sit in her bed. These dogs' irrational idiosyncrasies just might rival my own! Tres annoying.

Secondly, the new shiny pen has been the impetus to get Little Man on the move. Moving forward. Closer to crawling than not crawling. (at least someone wants to be in the dog pen!) Behold!


  1. it's great for containing children too! haha! hailyn LOVES it (no I don't put her in there she goes willingly!) Anyhow the scratchy npise bothered me- I didn't wnat to put a dog bed in there because I was afraid of accidnets- behold- the beach towel!!!

  2. OHHHH!!! He's SO CLOSE to crawling!! Come on, little man!! You can do it!!

    Love, grandma