What is Happening Here?!

This evening I was determined to have an "activity" for the twins. I was also determined to remain in my pajamas.  (an impossible goal- the trash can needs to be on the curb by tonight! And it's probably wise for me to do it fully clothed, I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate it) Yep- some days I marvel at what I winner I am.

Somehow, the evening swiftly degenerated into Little Man screaming his tiny lungs out from the play yard... I hastily chopped veggies in the kitchen, talking up the whole TOSTADA! idea for the twins who wanted nothing to do with TOSTADAS!... the dogs wanted to go outside, and the fun new ability to open the door for the dogs has now been recognized by my three year olds for what it really is- a pain in the butt... The girls were HUNGRY... but didn't want to make their own TOSTADA! Lame idea, Mom.

There was so much noise. So much chaos. I couldn't help but to look around and say to myself, "Really? This is where we're at?"

Have I complained yet about The Husband's late hours? It's 6:00, and I don't expect him home until well after the kids are all tucked in bed. (which means I will have to be the one single handedly doing all the tucking)

... and while I'm complaining! The kids' schedules could not be more different. Here's a sampling of my day today:

8am- The baby woke up. (this was "sleeping in" for me- so my grumpy factor was pretty low)
Fed the baby.

9am- The girls woke up. (major sleeping in for the twins)

9:30am- The baby was exhausted. And thus, took a nap.
(this is the time I would have liked to get out of the house, but baby was sleeping)

1:00pm- had to wake up the baby.

1:30pm- the girls went down for a nap
(again, would have liked to go outside. But no. Sleeping children)

2:30- baby goes back down for a nap. (this kid is going to outgrow his entire wardrobe within the month- I'm sure of it)

4:30- Everyone is finally up! (but everyone is also grumpy!)

6:00- Everyone has eaten, but now baby is ready to go back down for a nap.


(I have my suspicions that this is all an elaborate plot to drive me into the insane asylum. I'm not quite sure if that would be the worst thing either- I'll bet it would be quieter!)


  1. Sleeping babies sound so awesome in theory, but man, do their nap times throw off your day sometimes!

  2. A three and a half hour nap for the little one?! I don't think my girls have EVER taken a nap that long! Still, it doesn't bring much enjoyment when you have two little balls of energy still awake, does it?

    My best friend is about to have a baby, and she has a 16-month old. I can already imagine how this exact problem is going to make her life difficult for awhile too. I will be happy with the two I've got on the SAME schedule for now! : )