The Forgetting, The Guilt, and the Great Escape!

This week was so very, very odd. I had made very important plans, taken on responsibilities, and made appointments. All of which I somehow forgot. Tuesday came along, and I was dumbfounded. There I was, 8am, in my pj's, staring at the serious things I had scheduled for that day. Things I needed a babysitter for. Things that required me to plan a craft for 10 year olds to do. Things that if I did not attend, I would be billed a $25 no-show charge. Holy. Freaking. Crap.

How did this all just skip my mind? I have no explanations for you! I still can't believe it. I was scrambling all day. And finding a babysitter last minute for a long stretch of time proved to be a bit... nearly impossible. I cannot stress to you- I was in a hurry all morning and afternoon. Assembling items, getting the kids packed up, shuffling everyone here and there. I was flailing about with a hot glue gun. It was intense.

By 1:00, I still did not have a concrete childcare plan, and I needed to be half way across town for an appointment at 2:30. Luckily, my amazing mother stepped in and volunteered to take the kids without a nap, and watch them (the no-nap-monsters that my adorable children become) for.. ever. Until I got home- or could have someone pick them up- or something. It was a mess.

My doctor appointments usually take forever. While I love my doctor, her staff tend to lock me in a waiting room for hours on end with Glen Beck screaming from the TV. Not even reading a good book can keep the crazy spewing from that man's mouth from annoying me to my breaking point. Ok- deep breath- moving on.

Miraculously, the doctor had me in and out within half an hour. This. Has. Never. Happened. Before. I felt really silly. Because I now had three hours until my next engagement, and had taken extraordinary measures to make sure the kids had a sitter, I even had all the things I would need later in the back of my car, all organized. Had I known, I would have slowed down the pace of the day- by a lot. I drove down the freeway arguing with myself.

Nice Me: Call your Mom, and take the kids home. You've got three hours on your hands for crying out loud!

Naughty Me: Just keep driving. No one will have to know you aren't at the doctor's. Go shopping, woman! 

Nice Me: Think of your poor mother. Those kids haven't had a nap- can you imagine what must be going on over there?! 

Naughty Me: But wouldn't you like a... nap? Or at least a shower?! 

Nice me won out, thankfully. The prospect of free time can do horrible things to a frazzled mommy. I could never just skip out like that. I called up my Mom. And you know what? She gave me the afternoon off! (yes, she's just that wonderful)

And then the guilt started. I just couldn't let her watch the kids all day! How could I be so dastardly as to sneak away to watch a silly Lifetime movie in an empty house eating out of a box of ice cream?

But I did. Well, first I walked into my favorite salon- to the good news that my hairstylist was available- to chop off my unwashed, Cheerio encrusted locks. I don't know what it is about me, but every time I go in for "just a trim" half my hair ends up on the cutting room floor.

Enter blurry picture of my new hair: 

It doesn't look nearly as awesome now as when my stylist did it. I suffer from a severe lack of being able to round brush my hair dry. Can't do it. The three kids don't leave me too much time to do it up nice anyway. Dry, clip, done. That's it.
Also- you'd better tell me if it looks bad, internet. Should I grow it back out?

So after all the hair chopping, I went home to a still and silent house. Popped on a movie that had been gathering cobwebs in my DVR, and cracked open a container of ice cream. It was so deliciously diabolical. 


  1. how AWESOME your mom let you just chill!!! yay!! every mom needs a break now and then- and I LOVE your hair- love love love

  2. LOVE the new hairstyle! Who do you go see nowadays? Some friends are in need of a new stylist (yes, now almost 10 MONTHS from the time I left!)... So glad you had a nice afternoon to yourself!

  3. That is one amazing grandma! You deserve time to yourself and I love your hair--it's a perfect length for you.