Two More

One of my biggest fears? Having another set of twins. When I found out I was pregnant with Little Man, I immediately called and badgered the OB to get an ultrasound set up thisverysecond! I even had the ultrasound tech examine every nook and cranny of my uterus to make sure there wasn't another baby hiding in there. The relief of knowing I was, for sure, 100%, having a singleton this time around was all consuming.

Little did I know that my uterus was the least of my problems. I was going to be having another set of twins. The girls were set on it. So they brought out the baby dolls. I'm sure they love shadowing me, and it is adorable. But I am still having to dress the baby dolls. (a complex procedure above and beyond the skill of three year old hands) When the baby dolls are trapped in their "highchairs" I still need to run to their rescue.

But hot darned, the girls are just so adorable caring for their little babies!

Of course, during all this... I had to feed my baby. My baby's needs trump the girls' baby's needs.

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