Off Its Axis

Okay, I am going to start spouting some craziness. Watch out. Grab a windbreaker if you have one close.

I was reading The Pioneer Woman's homeschooling post this morning. And it actually got me thinking about homeschooling! I have been very anti-homeschooling from the beginning- even before my mothering career! I was in public school- and I turned out fine! (more than fine- I'm a college graduate- and not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty intelligent!) The state of our public schools, especially in our resident state is probably pretty appalling. But I went to school here. And yes, there were a lot of missteps and shortcomings to my education, but my parents worked really hard to give me the extra help I needed. I had a couple tutors and went to an amazing afterschool system, Sylvan. (I highly recommend it, if you need it) I do believe I have a sort of numerical dyslexia. (I don't even know if that's a real condition- so there's that) I'm bad with math. Astonishingly bad at math. (which is why I married someone who is good at math. Surprisingly, I'm good at finances, though! So that's something!) I would not feel at all comfortable teaching my kids anything above elementary addition and subtraction. Forget about multiplication tables, and algebra. But I am good with reading, literature, science, (the part that does not involve math) art, (of course, Art Degree!) as well as some complex thinking ideas. Don't even get me started with my whole system of getting around "the system" employed by "the man." It's a long and drawn out, complicated web of my superior intelligence. (lol;-Ok, that was a bunch of rambling and nonsensery!) But still. I think I could teach the kids and do a decent job.

The question is: could I still keep my sanity while homeschooling? Could I stay home with the kids all day, every day? That, I am completely not sure about.

And that makes me sound like a bad mom. I love my kids. I love them to the ends of the earth. But I need some space from the sass. They are too comfortable around me. They are much more well behaved in public, with teachers in their nursery school, with babysitters, anyone else but me, it seems.

The twins also have their own socialization issues. (which I plan on remedying with some preschool- either this year or next. And some out of the house activities on their own) I think they need time by themselves, with their own circle of friends, to become their own individual person.

Right now, they are small, and they have lots of time to grow. But I can see their little identities are very linked with one another. They still maintain their own language/communication outside the traditional means. (They may be telepathic with one another. It's a bit kooky to think about- but it's a reality, I'm pretty sure of it) I'm worried they are too glued to each other- I know they'll always have a "special bond," I just don't want it to hinder their development. I'm pretty firm in my belief that they need their own interests, friends, real world experience. Something I'm afraid I cannot really offer them if I homeschool full time.

I'm sure I will be mulling this over a lot. I'm also sure you all have some pretty strong opinions on the subject. Opinions I would not mind a bit hearing, in fact.

It's a polarizing subject, (let's just be nice to each other about it) but I would love some feedback!

The sisters that pick their noses together, stay together, right? 


  1. I also have been against homeschooling because I don't know if I could be full-time teacher to my kids, but with the way the schools are going especially morally in what is taught, I see home-schooling sometime in my future.

  2. I too have thought about home schooling. George is completely against it, but mostly for the social reasons. I think the world is just getting worse. I understand that you and I turned out fine, but it's not getting any better.(churchy comment here-->) I honestly feel that that is why the Prophets have been counseling women for so long to get some form of an education. I feel that there will come a time when the values and morals that will be taught in public schools, will not be in harmony with the Gospel. I feel there will be a time when maybe as a Relief Society or really and group of mom's, will get together and teach their children together. That way, mom's still get a break on their "off" day, but have the fulfillment of knowing that their kids are getting honest, good education. Just my thoughts and opinions. Not necessarily right or wrong. :D

  3. I never thought I would homeschool in a million years growing up. We actually had a family in my ward that were homeschooled and they were very strange so with my first thoughts on tackling this endever were not positive (Barry is who first brought it up). I did have Barry Bretton in public school for kindergarden and although I loved his teacher and it was a great experiance (for the most part) we decided it wasn't for us right now. I am not saying we well never go back into the public school setting because as we progress we may. We will just take it one year at a time for now but it is not something I would give up for the world. My view is I only have my children with me for at the shortest 18 years and considering the average life span is 78 years only a twinkle of my life will be spent as a mother. As a mother I get to spend everyday as their primary teacher which is the whole reason I had children in the first place (to raise my children with love and watch them grow). If it is something you are interested in, research it, reasearch it, and research it some more and I totally think you will know if it is for you or not. But first off you and your husband have to be on the band wagon together or else it will never work. There are so many programs out there homeschooling doesn't have to be hard. Some programs are even through the school distric so everything they learn is ready for you to teach them. We are involved in a few different homeschool groups that my kids love (book clubs, PE, arts and crafts, and interest groups focusing on things they like which last year were archery, magic, bug collecting, marbles and chess). The great thing is when you get lot of mothers together it is amazing how much compiled knowledge you have. Really the possiblities are endless and it is great for them to socialize with other terrific children their ages (minus all the crazy one you don't want your kids around). Anyhow, that is my take on it for now. I hope it helps a little.

  4. as a teacher I say it completely depends on the child and what you expose them too- Ashley there are many things you could do at home with them now if preschool just isn't the right time right now- we should sit down and chat! I can show you simpple things at home to do now- come persue my albums and albums of cirriculm! and there are a LOT of options out there- we'll chat about it on our hang out date on the 24th- you have SO many options!! hang in there it's going to be AWESOME trust me!

  5. i've thought about this so much. taylor started montessori when he was 3 + just last year (his 2nd grade year) we transitioned to a charter school closer to home. although i like the idea of saving that tuition money every month, i've been really disappointed with the curriculum that's being taught + their grading system. it makes no sense to me. his first report card showed that he "needed improvement" in reading 40+ words per minute or quicker. as a second grader he was reading at a 3rd/4th grade reading level when the rest of his class was being tutored for reading.. but his teacher was literally more concerned with him reading faster rather than if he was comprehending it. blew me away. i basically told her that i didn't care about the report cards. they mean nothing to me. my husband would not be on board with homeschooling full time, but i have always done extra work with him at home. especially during the summer. you'll figure out what's best for you, i know a lot of people gave us crap over the whole private school thing.. it shouldn't matter to anyone else.