Sunday! Sunday!

Today I am sick. Little Man has been sick. Now I am sick. Yeah. However, in my sickly and impaired state, I pulled out the camera. Some delightful Sunday snapshots? Just for you, my friends.

 Fat lip and chin burn on The Bunny brought to you by the innocent-enough-looking Squirt. 
Piggy braids courtesy of Mommy. (and her mad hairstyling skills)

 Squirt has become quite the comedian. Hiking up her skirt to her armpits, sporting wet crazy hair, and a ta-da! Crazy girl. We should stick her on Last Comic Standing.

 I heart trailmix for lunch. And an update on the jar experiment: still a great motivator! It's been a week and we're 1/3 of the way full! (or 2/3 empty for you pessimists out there)

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