You Know What Works?!

Apparently we brought a special little surprise home with us from vacation. The plague. We're all sick. (all except for The Husband, thankfully)
Let me tell you what- if I hear one more medical professional tell me to just use a bulb aspirator to help Little Man's crazy congestion. I. am. going. to. scream. It will be one of those really big ones that can be heard through outer space. Those snot suckers make zero difference. AND they tick off the child, big time. AND babies are squirmy! It's really hard to do! Not worth all the sucking effort for such a minuscule improvement.

You know what WOULD work, medical professionals?! 


Drugs would work. It's simply not fair! My parents loaded me up with Benylin at every available opportunity. (like Benadryl- but was pulled off the market a while ago- for working... too well) My parents didn't have to deal with a child so miserable that simply breathing was a struggle, coughing was waking them up every ten minutes, and couldn't take a bottle because it was impossible to breathe out of their noses. 

My parents had drugs, and I have a weak little snot sucker which doesn't even work. Not. fair. 

I'm also sure that Benylin played a rather large part in our family's ability to travel a lot when we were wee little ones. I remember one night, getting to a cabin and being all psyched & amped up. Out came the little teaspoon cup- and to bed we went. Must have been nice. 

I'm just saying... I miss the infant cough/cold aisle at the store. 

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