But... Dairy!

Apparently after my body looses its gallbladder, my whole digestive tract has a little freakout! I was in lots of pain after eating, and absolutely not feeling well after many, but not all, meals. My doctor narrowed it down in a jiff and told me that dairy was now the enemy.
The problem is, dairy is my best friend! Everything has dairy! Everything!

I was doing a little pre-grocery-store meal planning (cause I'm hip to the lists like that) and started scanning my recipe box. How about tacos? We love tacos. No. Sour cream and cheese. (gameshow buzzer) Lasagna? Nope, ricotta cheese. My favorite meal of all time? Dairy. Every week, we eat pizza at least once... without fail. Dairy! Add in a stuffed crust, and you've got yourself some serious dairy! Yummy enchiladas are out too. Ugh! This is going to be hard! Spaghetti. That's all I can come up with. Oh, and corn dogs. (ick)

So I decide to "wing it" at the store because it's not only dinner I need to worry about! Breakfast and lunch are on the offensive as well! Switching to soy milk isn't that big of a deal for me. I did the soy thing in college... and then got too poor to afford the soy milk, thus going back on to regular 1%. Lunch? Do you know what I eat on a daily basis for lunch? It's either a Lunchables (turkey and cheddar- with two oreo cookies) or sliced apples and a cheese stick. Do you know there is CHEESE in both of those items? Cheese plays a large role in those meals, in fact!

Then there's desserts. Of course at the point I find out that I am on a no-dairy diet, that is the time I start craving cookies and milk! (it's not the same with soy. Soy is fine for cereal, but not for dunking Chips Ahoy) Cheesecake is out completely. Right after this, a favorite cooking blog I follow comes along with this! Oh, dear.

And you know what? Salad. Salad is about 10x worse than dairy for me now. I don't know why! It doesn't have cheese or Ranch dressing, but it makes me super sick! Seriously. If you knew me well, you would know I am an absolute sucker for a salad bar. This makes mealtime so very, very gloomy.


  1. Hey Ashley, After mt GB surgery it took me a while with different foods..I stayed away from stuff that didn't agree with me for a while and then gradually added them in at a small portion at a time and got my body used to REAL FOOD again. Maybe this will help you!!! We can't be DEPRIVED of our favorite foods!!!! Good Luck!

  2. Oh, that sucks! I know that Heather over at 3 Under 3 (http://3underthree.blogspot.com/) is dealing with milk allergies in her twins, so she occasionally has some dairy-free recipes and resources she has found.

    I hope it's only temporary!