One More Year

I almost forgot it was my birthday as I woke up yesterday. That is, until The Husband wished me happy birthday as he got ready for work. He then had the twins sing me the Birthday song. It was so sweet and adorable. That made it the perfect day. Just that one little moment.

I had started to write a reflective post on life and getting older. But I'm simply too exhausted for anything deep and meaningful. I love my life. I love how it turned out. That's as much as I can do. Each time I have sat down to really write- things go awry. I think that means that I don't need to think about these things so much.

I will tell you that my wild and crazy mother called me yesterday as I was playing Just Dance with the girls. She whisked me away for an out of this world pedicure. (seriously, why don't I do that more often?!) The massage chairs?! I can't remember being that relaxed in a long, long time!

Then I got brave, and with my mommy by my side, I got my eyebrows threaded. There was pain. So much pain. In fact, my face is still a bit sore this morning. But wow- my eyebrows are rockin'! I never knew I needed professional eyebrow maintenance... until now. I was completely unaware I had two badgers nesting above my eyes. Thankfully, they have been tamed.

And... if I didn't feel old enough... the threader, after completing the job, said with an exasperated sigh of I-did-all-I-could, suggested I try the "whole face" treatment next time. Thank you. I now feel like Chewbacca.

After all that there was red velvet cake. So... an escape from the kids, taking care of my girly girliness, and cake? Birthdays are awesome. This weekend, The Husband has some surprises for me. I feel so loved. And that's nice.


  1. Happy, happy birthday!! You should post a picture of those rockin' eyebrows! : )

  2. I am jealous, I need my eyebrows done. I have done threading, but finding waxing to be less painful. You look beautiful.

  3. that sounds like a great birthday! happy belated!