Only a Matter of Time

We all knew it was going to happen sooner or later. The girls were going to play dress up with little brother. It's an inevitability that every younger brother faces. (my little brother was no exception. Next time you are at my parent's house, ask to see the pictures of Trent in a 80's prom dress and large woven hat. I even think there's makeup involved)


  1. Just watch the curling iron! When my youngest brother was one year old, my sister and i "curled" his hair, and of course burned him. Then we didn't want to get in trouble so we put him in my dad's closet until he stopped crying.

    My other brother was a mermaid, a cheerleader, prom queen, a bride (which we married to a 3 foot doll) and wore MANY dance costumes. Sorry, but I think G is doomed. Two sisters, twice the ideas. Bad news. HA! (and both brothers survived and came out relatively normal)

  2. You really should post that picture of Trent. . .

  3. Sorry, Becca and Janssen. I don't want to upset my handy dandy babysitting brother! Just the knowledge that such a picture exists is going to have to be enough. :)