Off Schedule Drives Me Crazy

Usually at this time of day:

The girls are eating breakfast, I am dressing and feeding Little Man. Having just woke up an hour ago, I would have been semi-rested, and in a relatively decent mood. Wherein I would plan the day's activities. Starting the day off on the right foot is important.

This has not been happening. The girls are waking up at an ungodly hour. An hour in which I should still be squeezing in the last bits of REM sleep. This makes for a grumpy and really cranky mommy. I'm pretty sure The Husband is leaving for work extra early in the morning to avoid me and my early morning wrath. At minimum, he keeps his head down and says as few words as possible before sliding out the door. I understand. I wouldn't want to deal with me in this state either.

I hate baby food. We're not even into anything other than oatmeal cereal yet, but I'm hating it. It takes so much time to get the baby to eat... it makes a mess- bib, face, hands, tray, toy, chair. All of which then need to be washed/hosed down. The whole thing also throws off Little Man's eating schedule. I never know when he'll be hungry again after he has cereal. Sometimes it is during his naptime, when the tummy starts to rumble.

He's teething, too! (of course!) So he's a tiny package of crank and misery. He doesn't sleep a lot either. The twins had the advantage of a dedicated nap time when they were this young. The baby does not. I need to leave the house at some point during the days. And Little Man refuses to sleep anywhere but his crib or his swing. The girls do not help the sleeping. They are loud, and obnoxious, and just as he seems to be nodding off, they go and poke him.

Do they make straight jackets in a 3T?

I need to find something for the girls to do during the day. Somewhere away from me and the baby. Preschool isn't going to work out this year. Have you seen how much it is to send a kid to preschool?! (If you haven't, go do your research, I'll wait) Ok- now times that by two. I think I lost the ability to breathe properly when I saw the numbers. That turned me off to really looking into it- that and the fact that the girls were nowhere near potty trained, and when they were somewhat potty trained, all the preschools had filled up.
So we're skipping the preschool this year. Perhaps I will use that money to buy a big fat Escalade or something... maybe a nice Maybach? (HA! Sometimes you have to laugh at your own joke)

So if the kids aren't going to preschool this year. They have to go somewhere. I'm thinking ballet class would be the best idea. They would go berserk for ballet. The only problem I can forsee is a ballet studio that makes me stay there during the half hour class or something.

No. I want to drop them off... then drive away. (I know that sounds harsh. But really, you need to come over and witness the crazy) An example of the crazy? The girls have dollies that are babies. They lost interest in them for a while, but apparently the dollies are hip again.
This now means I have two extra children. The girls need help dressing, feeding, and generally taking care of their babies. This drives me crazy. I don't need more babies. I have enough, thanks.

Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow I have a babysitter coming over so I can go to a doctor's appointment. (yes- that's my idea of a vacation)


  1. There are preschool classes through Henderson Parks and Rec that you can drop them off. I think there are 3 or 4 back to back and each 45 min long. Norah loved them! The teacher is great and am putting my guy in there as soon as he turns three. Let me know if you want any more info!

  2. Oh, and they are not the "preschool" classes that they say you need to pre-register for. They have different titles.

  3. We signed up Jake for tumbling at the Henderson rec center. I dropped him off every Saturday for 45 min (they don't want the parents to stay, but you can wait outside if you want). He did three 6 week sessions. It wore him out just in time for his nap.

  4. Lol...somewhere you can drop them off...I totally get that! (I feel that kind of relief some mornings when I leave them at my mom's and go to the peace and quiet at my office!)

    And, yes, off-schedule drives me batty too. The new bedtime thing is still kicking my butt!