Seeing Red

It happened again. I needed some little red shirts to match these adorable cherry skirts I found for the girls last season... skirts that they are just now fitting into. I found some adorable red shirts at Nordstroms (Nordstroms! Not the Dollar Store!) as well as some clothes for Little Man. (and a purse, if you heard on Facebook) I spent a little bit. But I was happy with all the cute stuff I found. 
I threw it all into the washer. On cold. And Little Man's clothes weren't exactly white. Some had white stripes, some did not. And guess what? (anti-climactic pause) Pink. I was furious. My first thought was to drag all the wet clothes back to Nordstroms and demand they replace the ruined blue/pink striped stuff as well as the very cute onesie that was tye dyed red. 

But I didn't. I Googled phrases like "laundry accidents" (you don't even want to know what physical harm you can come by a washer and/or dryer) and "red bleed on clothes," and "white clothes turned pink." I compiled a list of everything the internet told me to do. Not a lot of ideas. But I was determined. And I ended up spending $33.89 on cleaning supplies.

I tried an Oxi-Clean soak, Clorox 2, Tide w/ Bleach Alternative, and Spray n' Wash. Nothing. Not helpful at all. Then I brought out my last resort, RIT Color Remover. The package said it was for whites, but I'd read somewhere online that a lady used it on colors and it was fine. 

The second I poured the RIT into the laundry, the water turned bright blue! It managed to get rid of all the other colors- EXCEPT THE RED! The red is still there! 

So I had to throw a bundle of the clothes away. Barely there blue streaked with red. 

So those of you who found this through Google, looking for ideas? Here's an idea. Save your money on all the detergents and cleaners. Just go out and buy a replacement. It will save you a lot of time and agony. I spent the better part of my day in the laundry room, and have nothing to show for it. 


  1. oh no!!!!! Seriously the only remover that works miracles is Tide Stain remover- that happened to me with h's clothes- it's not fun! sorry hon:(

  2. OH NO!!!!! SAD! I hate it when that happens. The best trick I know is just to soak them in a bucket of cold water for like a week and the color normally comes off, but they have to stay wet. And stuff like stains and color spilage comes right off. Being an adult sucks sometimes. Sorry girl!