On Hot Summer Days

There's nothing like donning tutus and dancing the afternoon away.

This accomplishes many things:

(1) Occupying the twins.

(2) Helping Mommy work on her swimsuit body to fit a swimsuit two sizes too small.
(2a) Mommy bought the swimsuit by default because she ripped the tag off while trying it on. That's a great feeling. (I am now cursing the existence of doughnuts and ice cream)

(3) Wearing out the twins- bedtime never sounded so good!

(4) Entertaining Little Man, who loves to watch from his 'saucer. (the Exersaucer)

1 comment:

  1. Oh that's great! Love the skirts! And yes - I would love for you to smuggle in a few baby boy clothes for me if you are able! Thanks so much!