Not My Smartest Moment

So I have become the door-closing Nazi. Someone (I should clarify, two very short someones) have been letting flies into the house with all of the indoor/outdoor traipsing, and blatant leaving of door open while they dash in to pee. Ugh. There's a fly in here right now. And it is tormenting me. TORMENTING. (Leave me alone, fly! Leave me alone! Don't make me get out the blowtorch!)

This afternoon, I watched as one somebody came in, left the door open, and proceeded to go play with blocks. I ran over, and in loud tones reminded the entire house that we SHUT THE DOOR LEST THE FLIES GET IN. And closed the door. (We don't need to cool down the entire neighborhood, you know! The power bill is large enough, thankyouverymuch)

That's when I saw it.

I jumped.

On the other side of the glass, was a FLYING SPIDER. A huge flying spider. I freaked out.

...then I realized that what I was actually witnessing was a mosquito. After that revelation I took the RED ALERT down a few notches in my head. A mosquito. Just a mosquito.

I still wondered where the mosquito came from, though. Mosquitoes are a rare find here. (that's why I still live here... in 115 degree heat)

So guys, watch out for those flying spiders.

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