Let's Get Frivolous!

Ok- so I need (and I'm assuming you, the loyal reader, does too) a break from my bad day/week/month/year I seem to be having that is making me all dark and twisty... and yelly.

So let's talk about TV, man. I usually dread summer TV, ever since I had kids and my sole amusement, entertainment, not-banging-head-against-wall time became the sole responsibility of TV. But this summer has proved me wrong. I am LOVING this summer's TV lineup! (did you see some of my recommendations?)

The Last Comic Standing has been the only thing keeping my house rage-free. I want to see all of those semi-finalist comics... in my house... all the time. Like, I want to whip out a comedian from my closet to make me laugh about kids and baby monitors. That's just what I need.

And America's Got Talent? I would make fun of that show and all who watched it. Stone cold make fun of them. Now I am one of them. Perfect show to fold laundry to. I want to see some dancing on climbing walls!

Then there's Persons Unknown. It's the new Lost. I'm sure of it. I didn't get into Lost. I may have seen half of an episode- at most. For the first few years, I felt like I was missing out. Everyone was talking about it, and I tried not to bring up the fact that I didn't watch Lost in normal conversation. But then I started hearing about "the smoke monster" and "the others" and the whole "conspiracy" of it all.

Done. No thank you. I'm good over here.

So when someone, I think my brother on Twitter, recommended Persons Unknown, I decided no. Not gonna watch it. I don't want to be sucked in like those poor Lost audiences. Falling for all that dumbery. But then again- I didn't want to be the lame silent person not watching Persons Unknown. So I am watching Persons Unknown. And it creeps me out. A lot. It's got me- hook line and sinker. I think about it most of the week. It bugs me that I haven't figured it out yet. (usually I'm Senor Smarty Pants who figures out the twist or the plot, or whatever) I would give my right arm to know what is going on there.

But now, NBC, I must warn you. If this is something stupid, I'm gonna be mad. You don't want to see that. I am not afraid to write an angry, well written letter of disdain to send in. I have a postage stamp AND an envelope- and I will use them! So please don't disappoint me.

And I am taking you at your word "that all will be revealed" at the end of the "mini-series." If you turn this into a full fledged series and bait me along, I will be upset. I will stop watching any and every program you put on for at least 5 years. I'll do it! Sohelpme, I will do it!


  1. I love Persons Unknown too!!! We even rewind to see if we can find any clues!!!

  2. I meant to watch Persons Unknown, but I missed the first couple of episodes, and I hate trying to catch up. About the only new things I am watching right now are Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family (love it!!) and Design Star on HGTV. I've been doing a lot of reading and rerun-watching!