Update On Extreme Bravery

Thank you to all those who posted your advice from my minor meltdown the other day. This whole potty training thing is really wearing on me. I know it's a process. But when you look back on a whole three months of... well, crap and you don't see a vast improvement, things can get pretty gloomy very quickly.

I needed re-dedication! I needed to gird up my battle armor and scream "bring it on!" one more time while waving my sword like a lunatic. I needed to jump in and immerse myself again. I needed to try something new.

Tara had a point- consistency. That's what is lacking. In retrospect, the girls probably spent most of the day in diapers. I'm a girl who needs to get out of the confines of these four walls at least once a day- so that had to have been confusing for the girls- when they could pee right then and there, and when they had to drop what they were doing and visit the froggy potty.

Well, no more. I held my breath. I begged for mercy. (on behalf of my car's upholstery) I slapped some panties on the twins and took them to the park. Let me make this perfectly clear: I took slightly potty trained three year olds out in public- without diapers. There was no backup plan. There was a froggy potty in my trunk. There was a large bag full of extra clothes.

The girls had a blast. I was sitting in the corner trying not to completely lose my composure. I was freaked out, people. The Bunny went in our "trunk-potty" right as we arrived. (we don't do public restrooms- oh, no)  The Squirt had downed two full sippie cups and had yet to wet either the potty or her pants. This was my main concern. Bunny went potty again while we were at the park. (confidence!) Squirt? Nada. I let them run through the water and they got soaked. Being cold was a great excuse to pack it out of the park without complaint. As we drove home I prayed that I didn't find a carseat full of pee. Although the girls were so wet, it may not have made a huge difference if she had!

To be anti-climatic about things, Squirt ended up wetting her shorts during lunch. But Bunny has stayed dry the whole day. (1pm feels like the whole day at this point)

I'm taking this 50% success rate and nominating myself for a Peabody, an Oscar, a Nobel Peace Prize... or something. I'm still baffled by The Squirt. I'm pretty sure she has convinced herself that while Bunny goes pee pee in the potty, it is simply something she can't do. Probably has to do more with her independent streak. She doesn't want to do what twin sister is doing.

For now I'm going to calm down. Bunny is potty trained. I am going on record with that. I don't know if I want to push the envelope and leave her in panties during naptime, but still. I am not going to hole up our family to continue with this madness. I am going to take them out! (change of clothes in tow) If they puddle, then we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I am not going to live in fear!

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