More Talk About the Loo

I know precisely what you are thinking. More talk about potty training? Really? Don't you have anything else going on, woman? And the answer? Yes, I do! And that's the problem!

This potty training spree is going absolutely nowhere. If potty training were a street- it would be a cul-de-sac. The kids are only vaguely interested. They're not even getting the idea that this is supposed to be a permanent thing. Not just a stunt to get some M & M's. For example, we were getting ready for the momentous "first swim of the season" yesterday when I asked the girls to try and go potty before putting on their swim diaper and bathing suit. Bunny did a little bit, but Squirt sat on the potty for a long time and cried "I wanna go swim, but I can't do pee pees." It was downright pathetic.

And do I even have to tell you how done I am with changing all these diapers? Three kids in diapers. It really sucks. It sucks hard. I am fairly certain that with the money we are spending on diapers alone, we could probably buy a new... house or something. There are just so many diapers around here! ( I even spotted one behind the TV! Thankfully, it was unused) Every time I buy a new pack for the girls, I think "This will be our last box of size fours," surely the girls will get it before we go through another 84 diapers. No.

I'm even beginning to doubt their readiness! The girls don't have dry diapers in the morning! In fact, we buy the super-absorbent Pampers for nighttime because it's like a carpet-bombing in their pajamas every night.  Nor do they stay dry during naps! Sometimes they care if they are sitting in dirty diapers, but then sometimes they don't! And I have to harangue them to agree to a diaper change. (because the smell is usually making my eyes water by then)

But how could they not be ready?! These girls are three and a half! They aren't going to preschool this year- just because of this lack of Hello Kitty panty wearing! Most of the time, the girls have no interest in wearing the special panties. (they are also clinging to this belief that if they're wearing panties, they can't wear pants. So they end up running around in just a shirt and panties- I can't take them anywhere like that!)

I'm so frustrated! I want to give up! What do I do next? I'm on like Plan Z (all the way from Plan B), and I have nowhere to go from here! And if I have to buy another pack of diapers for the twins- I just might keel over, right there in the diaper aisle at Target, and die.


  1. It HAS TO BE THEIR IDEA!!! I heard that phrase over and over again. And then . . .one day . . .Hope woke up and wanted to wear big girl underwear.
    It will happen. And I will pray for you. I will come down to help you if necessary :-)

  2. I obviously am no expert (since I have never done this) but here are some things I remember my mom doing. First, she didn't even start until they were dry through naps. Then she kept undies on all the time. Even if they had an accident, they had to stay in their wet undies (pretty sure poop was another story though). I am sure it was soo hard for my mom, since she is a clean freak like no other. But after awhile of sitting in wet undies and feeling yucky, we learned. My sis-in-law didn't even start training until her daughter started saying she was interested like her bigger cousins (or friends, whatev) and wanted to be a big girl too. She was around 3ish by the time she was interested. Maybe ask your doc too? Pretty sure they might just be not doing it because they don't feel like it, or are wanting to get back to playing or something..... I'm so sorry Ashley, I am NOT looking forward to this stage, that's for sure. Good luck!!!

  3. I have NO IDEA, dude. None. We were having a miserable go of it (my kid knows exactly what to do, he's just ORNERY and WON'T) and I was also wanting to die in the diaper aisle. Then (and maybe this is awful) he had an accident in front of his grandmother and I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose and I made a huuuuuge deal out of it. I didn't embarrass him in front of his grandparents (although he was in trouble for going on purpose), but we sat in the rocking chair for a LOOONG time talking about WHERE THE PEE GOES. I just kept repeating the Principles of Potty Usage over and over and over and making him repeat it back and I don't know if he was just embarrassed or what, but it's like night and day now. No accidents! He's always wet in the mornings/after naps, but I'm okay with sleeping pull ups. He'll get the hang of that eventually.

    So, I'm not advocating that as a method or anything, I just feel like something had to SNAP in my kid, for the light to go on somehow. He wears underpants at home and pull ups when we go out/when he sleeps. He's not all the way trained, but so far that's working for us.

  4. None of my children were dry through the night or naps when I potty trained them. First you have to get the days down and the nights and naps come along when they get the strength to hold for a long period of time. Usually it took my kids about a week to figure out naps and a month to figure out nights.

    For days, my biggest thing is to be consistant. Flipping back and forth from panties to diapers is just confusing for little minds because sometimes they can go in their pants and sometimes they can't. Potty Training is a learned behavior. Once I put my kids in underwear they don't go back to diapers but I know that would be hard for you because you like to go out and about a bunch. I totally use the bribery technique (aka M&M's, jellybeans, whatever their favorite is). They get one treat for pee and five for poop. Once they get pretty proficent at that, the story changes. They have to do more themselves to get a treat (pulling pants on and off by themselves, wiping, flushing, and washing all without me helping). Soon they are self proficant. Also, after a successful attempt, I totally pull everyone in the house into the bathroom to bask them in glory. I know it totally sounds crazy but it totally works. I say, "_______ just went pee (or whatever they did) in the potty." We all look in the potty clap, cheer, shout hooray, and really ham it up (I told you it was crazy). They are so proud of themselves and are so happy they did something good and want to do it again and again.

    Also, set a timer for each child. Never go 20-30 minutes without sitting them on the toliet. If the timer buzzes, it the potty time. If they have an accident, start the timer over and try again in 20-30 minutes. If they can't go, take them off and try in 20 minutes. If all else fails send them to my house. Barry Bretton just finished school for the year. We are looking for something to do:)

  5. I totally agree with Tara. Don't worry about nights and naps. That will come once they get the daytime down. Hide the diapers and tell them there are no more. Don't let it be an option for them and they have to use the potty. Don't let them sit on the potty for too long. Put them on and if they go pee, great. If not, take them off and try again in 20 min. GOOD LUCK!!!

  6. I totally feel your pain! There is no interest at all with my girls - any time I bring it up one of them just starts cring and the other talks a good game about how she'll use the potty, but tears up if I actually set her on it. So frustrating to keep buying econo-size diapers!