All About the Arsenal

This is war. A war against diapers. I learned something the other day- by treating potty training as anything less than a full scale hostage conflict, I automatically lost.

I did things yesterday. I tested the waters. I went on multiple excursions with only a thin piece of cotton between my daughter's rain machines and my car/the store/the playground. I learned some things. Things that I will share with you here, now.

You will need heavy artillery, my friend. You may have to do some things- some things you swore you would never do. (like carry a potty in the trunk of your car) But here's how to arm yourself to the hilt.

Hopefully you have either a hatchback, SUV, or (dare I even say it) a minivan. Plop one portable plastic potty seat back there. Two if you have room. (and you have twins) Ours goes right in front of the stroller, right next to the potty bag. (see below) I can pretty much just open the back, pop a kid on the loo and let her rip. (hopefully) Then dump some questionable material into the bushes and run. Or, if you absolutely cannot avoid it- use public restroom facilities.

Potty Bag. I really didn't want another bag. Really. But when at the park, it stays in the car. When in a store, it goes easily into the cart or in the basket under the stroller. Behold, the contents of the potty bag:

- Lysol disinfecting wipes. (because everything about this process screams "I will die without disinfectant!")
- Multiple bottles of hand sanitizer. (for all those involved)
- Change of clothes, esp. pants.
- A stack of underwear.
- Plastic panties (for when you get desperate)
- Purse of large Ziploc bags. (for storing wet clothing)
- Tools of Bribery. (M&M's in our case)
- Two diapers (which are hidden- and hopefully never see the light of day)
- I am also seriously considering a folding potty seat as well.

Hopefully the girls can be fully (or at least firmly) potty trained soon and I will only have to carry half of this stuff, preferably in my purse/diaperbag combo. But until then; Stay dry, my friends!


  1. I think that you are " well-armed" my friend!!! Go get um!!!

  2. Augh! I think we might just hibernate until my girls are potty-trained. Oh, wait, they go to my mom's during the day...maybe she will train them for me!

    I'm keeping your checklist for future reference.

  3. Get the folding potty seat! It was the best purchase ever... kids wait until you have a cart full of stuff, are on the opposite end of the store from the exit and when you least expect it to have to go RIGHT NOW! Like or not, public restrooms are in your future- this will make it bearable. ;-)