Shoes! Squeal!

Can I get a holla back from the twin moms who can't find two of the same shoes in any store? Seriously, every store has one size of each shoe. Every time the girls grow out of their shoes, I wince. It means scouring the city for shoes.

I would so rather buy them online, but sizing is tricky. The girls are a size 18-24 size in Robeez, size 8 in Nike, and size 7 in Stride Rite. So you can see... it's a problem.

I'm sure some of you are saying, "Hey Ashley! Just get different shoes!" To you, I laugh. Different styles, different colors, whatever... it's not "fair" to my twins to have something the other doesn't have the exact duplicate of.

But sometimes, the planets align just so and I find these babies sitting on a shelf just begging to adorn my beauties' feet:

Yes, please.


  1. ADORABLE! Perfect for summer toes!

  2. Cute! I know what you mean...if outfits don't at least "coordinate", I feel like one twin might be getting a "better" one. Neurotic, I know. It's usually just easier to get two of the same!

  3. Don't worry, Deanna- your girls will start telling you soon enough how tragically unfair it is that her sister's shirt is purple and hers is pink. Totally unfair.